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    Ungroup Object

    Joe Bodego Level 1

      I've cut a polygon shape in two using the "pathfinder/subtract foremost object from the backmost object" command on the pathfinder. However the object is now a single shape. I would like to separate the shape into two objects like i could in illustrator. Is there a way to do that in indesign?

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          Jeffrey_Smith Most Valuable Participant

          The Pathfinder tool in Indesign is not as extensive as Illustrator. The workaround would be to do this in 2 steps. Before performing the action, copy the objects. Once the first action is completed, power paste the objects and either modify the cutting shape or change the pathfinder action to achieve the desired object.

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            Joe Bodego Level 1

            Thanks i used the direct selection tool to isolate each shape's point then copied them, wish there was a similar tool like illustrator anyway thanks for your help