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    Flash MX4 Pro - media controller

      I'm creating a website to act as an online portfolio for a friend who creates standalone flash SWF content (e.g. e-Cards, storyboards).

      What I need to do is provide media control so you can pause / FF, etc.

      Alot of the SWF content has an integral soundtrack, so it's important that we can pause this too.

      - Is this possible to do in Flash MX4 Pro?
      - Using media controller components or another method?

      I have read many tutorials but most seem to be from the point of view of importing video content (e.g. mpeg4) into flash. In my case, I'm starting with published SWF files.

      Am getting very confused... so any help would be much appreciated.
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          I'm on a similar project and have similar problems. So far I've realised that the sound issue is not going to be resolved unless the swf file is converted into another file type (don't know which one is best but have tried Fla.) and the end result works but is not ideal. I've imported the fla into the library of my flash doc and then dropped it onto the stage (result! as for the first time what was previously an swf file coming in without the sound now has the sound), but then having addded a single play button the published end product is a huge 5MB swf and I could see this potentially being a problem on my site.

          Any advice would be most welcome! Is there some free download out there that would enable me to stick a movie controller (outside of flash) on an swf without having to jump through programming hoops?
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            kevbasher Level 1
            I've got it all working now - converted original SWF to AVI, import AVI into new flash file's library, then exported library item as FLV. Created another flash movie which just has a media playback component that points to FLV.

            See http://basher.biz/dreamloft/motion.htm for example.


            How can I change the colour of the media playback skin??

            I've researched and tried applying a new "backgroundColor" via actionscript on frame 1, but nothing happens.