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    RoboHelp HTML V10, Change Page Background in Multiscreen HTML5



      Using RoboHelp HTML V10, I have always output to WebHelp, and stay with the default skin which provides a white page background and light blue icons. This looks fine for my use. I now need to export to HTML5. I still use the default skin, but the page background is pumpkin, which does not look right for my use. The default skin has the earlier settings, and I can't find where to get these settings applied to the HTML5 output. Same content output to WebHelp looks like it always have, so I don't know where it is picking the background setting from.


      On individual pages I can access Format >> Borders and Shading, but it says each page is shaded transparently. I am sure I am doing something wrong but the online help isn't helpful.


      Any help? My goodness the HTML5 output is ugly!


      Thanks in advance,