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    Edited photo not shown with other photos in stack


      I am using Lightroom 6.7 and Photoshop Elements Editor 14.1.  Both are up-to-date.


      For quite some time now, I have trouble after a photograph is edited with Photoshop Elements Editor 14.1.  Specifically, after returning to LR, the edited photograph is not displayed in the stack even though the edited photograph properly inherited all the keywords as viewed via the Lightroom "Keywording" panel.  I narrowed down the problem to a specific scenario where the photograph:


        - is not displayed as a photograph in the stack when I select a specific tag in the keyword list. This tag

              was defined yesterday when the photograph was imported to LR. ("Ray & Joyce" tag within

              "Anniversaries" group within "Events" group). The tag is shown correctly as when I look at the

              LR "Keyboarding" panel.

        - is displayed as a photograph in the stack when any of the other 6 keyword tags associated with

             the photograph is selected. All of these tags were defined years ago in previous versions of LR.

             ("Names of people" within "Family"group within "People" group.


      When I created the tag yesterday, the following "Keyword Tag Options" were selected: 1) Include on Export, 2) Export Containing Keywords, 3) Export Synonyms  and the following "Create Option" was selected: "Put inside Anniversaries"


      Shutting down LR fixes the problem for the photograph that was edited.  However, after editing another photograph with the tag that was defined yesterday, I have to restart LR in order for it to appear with the stack correctly.


      I'm continuing to play with different scenarios.  I defined some new tags and now edits made by Photoshop Elements Editor 14.1 are not making it back to LR at all -> when saving the edited photograph in Elements Editor 14.1 and the "Save in version set with original" is checked, the edit is lost. When I uncheck "Save in version set with original", the photograph is saved in the stack without having to stop and restart LR. This is all fouled up. 


      The behavior editing pictures with the tag I defined yesterday is now different than described above.  When exiting Photoshop Elements Editor 14.1, the "Save in version set with original" is greyed out (e.g., not checked) but now the edited picture is appearing in the LR stack. 


      I'm confused but in retrospect, I believe I have seen all these behaviors previously.  I just never sat down long enough to record what was happening.


      11/24 - I reset the Preference file but that action did not effect the problem. Does anyone have any ideas?