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    Problems Installing Flash / CS4 on New Hard Drive



      My computer was recently on the fritz and I had to get a brand new hard drive.

      I have been struggling mightily with trying to install both my CS4 and standard flash player.

      I'm assuming that I am unable to install them for the same reason, I don't know what that reason is!!!


      I am on OS 10.11.6 and I'm seeing that other people are having similar problems. None of the troubleshooting is working at all.

      With the flash installation it won't go past 90% and I am not prompted to close my browser or anything. I've tried messing around with browser preferences but to no avail.


      The CS4 is another can of worms, as it is an old hard copy. But it was working fine on my last hard drive and it won't let me load it just says error, please contact adobe!


      Well since you guys are so gosh darn hard to reach, this is me contacting:


      PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!!