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    Huge numbers of .idlk files have appeared in my folders - is there a way to stop this?

    aaronadoty01 Level 1

      I'm running Adobe CC suite on a late 2013 MacPro (Sierra).  I've recently (over the last few weeks) been plagued by multiple .idlk files.  These appear in growing numbers in all folders containing an InDesign file.  For example, there are currently 870 .idlk files in a folder in which I was working yesterday (see image below).  The folder contains only seven actual inDesign documents. This is becoming increasingly frustrating, as I have to scroll down through these hundreds of files to get at the actual documents in these folders.


      Is this normal behaviour for these lock files?  Previously there only seemed to be one at a time. Has anyone else encountered this? Any suggestions as to how to stop them proliferating in my folders?