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    AE Comp window issue (cropped)

    u_felski Level 1

      hi there,

      for the last 3 versions of AE i have this weird issue with items in the comp window being cut off, not filling the whole window, even black bars blocking part of the window. sometimes, not always, restart with deleting of prefs helps. Yes, i tried all, purge all memory/disk cache, restart, gpu dirver updates. Its just annoying and totally time consuming. I really need a fix for this! Any help would be highly aprecciated!!  shown here on the screenshots with AE cc 2015. 3 but also on cc 2017, cc2015.


      Win10 up to date, asus GTX 970 latest driver Trapcode suite 12. VC Element 3d, VC optical flares, whole bunch of AE scripts.

      ae cropped comp window.PNGae cropped comp window2.PNG

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          Szalam Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          The driver number you're saying you're using doesn't look right. The latest NVIDIA driver for your card on Windows 10 is 375.95

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            u_felski Level 1

            Thanks Szalam,  but it definatly is the newest and right driver,.

    is  375.95  the screen shot explains it. ae-gpu-driver.jpg

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              Wim_Schalley Level 2

              I have this also, but only occasionally, and only when I got multiple applications open who all use hardware accelerated windows. Like PS, AI, ... I close all but one Adobe application and the problem goes away.

              So my first try would be to disable hardware acceleration settings in AE and see if this solves the issue (preferences/Display/'Hardware accelerate Composition, Layer and Footage Panels'). If not, I would uninstall the graphics driver using GeForce Experience, making sure you delete all settings and perform a clean reinstall. If this does not help, I would again clean-uninstall the graphics driver, and download/install the driver that predates the first time you had the problem.



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                u_felski Level 1

                Thanks Wim, tried all that, plus removing all scripts and plugins.. still there. the hardware accelleration was alreadz switched off too.

                no change:(

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                  u_felski Level 1

                  it has somehow to do with the position of all other windows (effects & Presets, timeline, project.....) all the areas on the screen that have been occupied with these windows (on startup), won't show any content or are blacked out in the composition window. This is so weird. But thats all i could find out so far.

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                    u_felski Level 1

                    This issue is still unsolved, Do i really have to keep working with a comp window the size of a packet of cigarettes like i`ve done for the past 6 months?? Please Adobe!! I pay for the software every month. I keep my side of our agreement, please do keep yours, providing me with a usable piece of software. It would be like me paying only 30 % of the money and than saying, "oh the other 70% must have got lost on your end.

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                      Roei Tzoref Adobe Community Professional
                      lease Adobe!!

                      if you want Adobe to help you need to contact support: Contact Customer Care. don't forget to update us users what's was the end of it...

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                        u_felski Level 1

                        So, after taking 2 hours and having adobe support remote accessing my computer the only solution is to NOT use my GPU at all (well use it with standard windows drivers) and have only one screen. because  a GTX970 is not supported. The newest supported card i saw was a gtx780.. I think this is a joke and i am speechless.


                        I need my software every day and make a living with it and i am supposed to go back to use one screen only, not use gpu accelarated plugins like element 3d, optical flarres, plexus... or just wait until my GPU that's been released 2,5 years ago might be supported in the future??? thats the solution i got from support! ...really bad!! what am i gonna do now? switch back to mac and FCP?? or ist it just as bad there by now? why am i paying for this?


                        am i seeing this right the card support has not changed since cc2014?? I am very disapointed

                        Adobe! this ist totally unacceptable.


                        Windows CUDA support:


                        • GeForce GTX 285
                        • GeForce GTX 470
                        • GeForce GTX 570
                        • GeForce GTX 580
                        • GeForce GTX 590
                        • GeForce GTX 670
                        • GeForce GTX 675MX
                        • GeForce GTX 680
                        • GeForce GTX 680MX
                        • GeForce GTX 690
                        • GeForce GTX 760
                        • GeForce GTX 770
                        • GeForce GTX 780
                        • GeForce GTX TITAN
                        • GeForce GT 650M


                        • Quadro CX
                        • Quadro FX 3700M
                        • Quadro FX 3800
                        • Quadro FX 3800M
                        • Quadro FX 4800
                        • Quadro FX 5800
                        • Quadro 2000
                        • Quadro 2000D
                        • Quadro 2000M
                        • Quadro 3000M
                        • Quadro 4000
                        • Quadro 4000M
                        • Quadro 5000
                        • Quadro 5000M
                        • Quadro 5010M
                        • Quadro 6000
                        • Quadro K2000
                        • Quadro K2100M
                        • Quadro K3000M
                        • Quadro K3100M
                        • Quadro K4000
                        • Quadro K4000M
                        • Quadro K4100M
                        • Quadro K5000
                        • Quadro K5000M
                        • Quadro K5100M
                        • Quadro K6000
                        • Tesla C2075
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                          u_felski Level 1

                          ...makes me think... wich of these "offiicialy suported" cards are capable of displaying 4k resolution?

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                            u_felski Level 1


                            please give me an After effects version that has the features from 5 years ago

                            BUT JUST WORKS!!!!!

                            The possibility of re-scaling/zooming  my viewer window is my feature request!!! That would be so great!

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                              Szalam Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                              Look a bit more carefully at that "supported cards" list. It is NOT the list of cards that are supported to work with After Effects, those are just the cards that are officially tested to work with the (obsolete) ray-traced renderer. (However, your card can still be used with that feature by ticking the "use unsupported cards to accelerate the ray traced renderer" option.)


                              Anyway, that list is never going to be added to because the ray-traced renderer is considered obsolete and isn't being developed any further. But it doesn't matter; that list (and the ray-traced renderer) are irrelevant to your issue.


                              There are a LOT of folks who use the GTX 970 with After Effects with no issues. In fact, it's one of the most popular cards for artists who work with the Element 3d plugin.


                              I would recommend trying with Adobe support again - ask for the video queue. Your card should work just fine with AE - something else is wrong.

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                                u_felski Level 1

                                I know all that about raytraced renderer. All i want is to use my card without redraw issues and the support guy told me it's due to my card being unsupported.

                                I don't even use raytrace renderer  and i know it works with a lot of folks, thats why i bought the card. but hasnt worked for me for one year now. so the solution lies somewhere else. as soon as i disable the GPU drivers at all AE works (one screen only  and no gpu accel.) that"s what the support guy recommended... wich pisses me off completely.

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                                  u_felski Level 1

                                  it"s like .. well, when your new Audi makes weird noises when you go faster than 10mph, just dont go faster than 10mph.

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                                    Szalam Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                                    That support guy is wrong. Your card is not only supported, it's one of the best cards to use with AE right now. Try a different support guy.

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                                      u_felski Level 1

                                      you're right.. it's just that i really have a lot of work and i spent 2 hours with that guy, finding out, what i already knew... just so frustrating.. next time i can spare a couple of hours i'll  try again, till then i just don't resize me comp window as i have done for the past 12 monts now.

                                      Thanks anyway!!

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                                        Szalam Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                                        I'm really rather curious what is causing the issue on your system.


                                        When you get a chance, what other hardware do you have plugged into the computer?

                                        What other software do you have installed?

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                                          u_felski Level 1

                                          i7 skylake, asus maximus gene, 64gb ram,  full adobe suite (all apps) AE,PP versions since cc2015, Trapcode suite, element 3d, Optical Flares, wacom tablet, contour shuttle usb, 3dconnexion space navigator, several HDs (m2 pcie and sata`s). should be a lovely system, spend 3k on the parts

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                                            Szalam Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                                            I wasn't concerned that your parts weren't up to snuff, I was more interested in there possibly being something that conflicts with AE. Sometimes odd things happen with connected hardware like AJA or BlackMagic external previewers, etc. or some kinds of software. Some antivirus software can even cause problems!


                                            (Side note: great choice to use a 3d mouse. It's revolutionized how I work in Cinema 4D.)

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                                              u_felski Level 1

                                              as soon as i have 1,2 days free i will backup my system drive and do a fresh install from scratch testing after avery app installed, just takes so much time as i have to re-download every single adobe app on install. Or is there a way to pre- download the CC-installers?

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                                                u_felski Level 1

                                                i think this will do it...

                                                Download Creative Cloud apps

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                                                  Szalam Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                                                  Cool. Please let us know how it goes.


                                                  Also, recent versions of the CC apps use a new download and installer process, so even if you don't pre-download stuff, it happens much faster than they used to.

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                                                    u_felski Level 1

                                                    BTW... re-installed cc2014 and all is fine there.. but 2015, 2015.3,2017 all have that weird proplem.

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                                                      u_felski Level 1

                                                      UPDATE... after going back and forth a couple of times between cc2017/2014 problem also appears in cc2014.

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                                                        Szalam Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                                                        Definitely get Adobe support to look into this (again). Make sure you ask for the video queue so you get someone a bit more familiar with After Effects than your last guy.

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                                                          u_felski Level 1

                                                          I am aware that this chnges the subject.. but anyway, I solved it by just installing OSx 10.12.3 on a new SSD on my machine and now everything is just great. It took just as long as installing windows. As a long time mac user I got so tired of all these little Windows issues. What can say. So far its absolutely snappy. Everything works, the benchmarks show that osx is even a bit faster. I can just say the GUI feels snappier.

                                                          here are the results, same machine, Mac vs Win.. Windows was on a faster drive Samsung NVMe 950 pro OSx on a Samsung 850 Prp ssd.

                                                          geekbench.jpeggeekbench win.PNG

                                                          cinebench.jpegcinebench win.PNG

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                                                            Szalam Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                                                            Thanks for sharing what worked. So it was a Windows problem after all! I wonder if a reinstall of Windows would have fixed it. Although, if running as a hackintosh is working even better for you, I would keep doing that!

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                                                              u_felski Level 1

                                                              i will try that too asap but at the moment i don`t reall have a reason to. just out of curiousity.