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    No 'On-launch' options available




      I can't find the on-launch option in Flash Professional CC that tells the program to open up the files i was working on last session.


      When i've got projects with 10+ .AS files i don't want to be having to open them all individually each morning when i start work.


      I've checked the preferences box, where it used to be on CS6, but no luck.


      Using PC.



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          kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          there's no longer a project panel (if that's what you're seeking) but you could do what you want with a jsfl script.

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            Ironhide001 Level 1



            In CS6 it wasn't an option in the projects panel, it was just in Edit -> Preferences, in the general section. First option was called On Launch and it had a drop down menu that gave you the option of either no files being opened, or the files you were working on last being opened automatically when you started up flash.

            jsfl scripts are not something i've ever looked at before. Is there anywhere particularly good for tutorials on them?