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    Linking from PDF to PDF for mass distribution


      Hi all  & thanks for helping out.


      I need to link one PDF to another PDF (which I know how to do), but the problem is those PDFs need to be loaded onto about 1,000 USB drives for distribution. Is there a way to map the link one time only so that it will work when the files are moved onto each drive? May have to be done in Acrobat instead of ID?


      Currently the plan is:

      1. Move all files on to USB drive
      2. Link from PDF 1 to PDF 2

      3. Repeat both steps 999 times


      Hoping there's a way to do this:
      1. Link from PDF 1 to PDF 2

      2. Copy files onto USB drive

      3. Repeat only step 2 999 times.


      Hope that made sense. Thanks again!