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    TextInput controls not saved in .fla file

    concinnate Level 1

      I have a desktop AIR app that relies on numerous fill-in-the-blanks forms that use ComboBoxes, Labels, TextInput controls, etc.This app is several years old. All of a sudden, with the release of Animate CC 2017, two TextInput controls on a Library Object -- and only those two controls out of dozens on various screens -- are not being saved in the fla file. Every time I open the app for editing, I have to re-create those two TextInput controls. The published swf file gets the controls just fine. It's just that the next time I open the fla file, they'll be gone again. I've tried renaming them, grouping them with other nearby controls, I've tried explicitly moving them to the front and back, no matter what I do, the save operation fails to save those two controls. Has anyone else seen anything like this, and found a workaround?


      I just tried creating a new symbol and copying over all the controls and ActionScript. If I do not "export as ActionScipt", this library item will save the TextInput controls. As soon as I export the symbol to ActionScript, the controls are no longer saved from this symbol either.