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    AE CS6 - No audio, but older files play fine.

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      Hi, Adobe Forum.  Having a strange issue with my latest project.  Specifically, the MXF files I'm importing will not play audio, though the video plays fine.  When I select one of the MXF files in the project pane, it shows audio in the icon and when I play these clips in Premier the audio is there.  The folder structure for these MXF files (recorded with a Panasonic AP-HPX250) is identical to the structure of the files that are playing correctly.  Other audio elements in the project (music) play okay and when I load a previous project, the MXF files within also play audio with no problem.  I've been using the same gear and configuration for a few years now without issue.


      I'm not sure where to look for a solution.  Any advice or insight would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks in advance for any help.