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    CS4 Install Tips - OS X

      I could not get Fireworks CS4 to successfully run on my Mac running 10.5.5. After several install/uninstall/reboot/repair permissions cycles, trying to install it under a different user, installing it after a Safe Boot and pretty much everything short of having a witch doctor attend to the computer, I finally got it to install and run without failing with the "AMT Subsystem Failure" message.

      If you have installed the Fireworks CS4 beta it is important that you use the uninstaller to remove it before attempting an upgrade.

      Being an old Mac hand I did what a lot of us do: I dragged the beta to the trash and emptied it. I deleted the old prefs file and thought I was done. However, after spending hours trying to get the new CS4 installed I finally downloaded Adobe's CleanScript and ran it. It found the beta uninstaller (!) and asked me if I'd like to run it. I did. After rebooting (to be safe) I tried again to install the new CS4.

      It worked just fine.

      So if you have installed the beta make sure you use the uninstaller to remove it before attempting to install the new CS4.

      Hope this saves someone some trouble.