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    Have to Subscribe?


      Do I have to subscribe to continue running my InDesign CS6?  Am a small operation!

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          Dov Isaacs Adobe Employee

          If you purchased a perpetual license for this version of InDesign or for one of the Creative Suites that included InDesign, you may continue to run your current version of InDesign. There are no forced upgrades to transitions to subscriptions.


          That having been said, note that there are no further updates to that version, now four versions old, and that you may find anomalies due to new operating system incompatibilities or hardware features that weren't supported back when. Thus, if you go out and buy the latest Mac with MacOS 10.12.x or a Windows system with Windows 10 x64, you are effectively on your own and should expect that even if it fully installs and runs, that some features will be suboptimal at best.


                    - Dov