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    Signing documents




      I am looking to move all my human resources paperwork into the digital realm. At first, I was dazzled by the ability to get documents signed electronically through emails. Unfortunately, not all documents can be signed this way. Some documents must be signed in person. This means using a tablet. So, I bought a tablet, and downloaded the Adobe Acrobat app. I copy the pdf file I need to get signed in person onto the tablet. I open the Adobe app and locate the file and open it. I go sign and fill and select where I want to place my signature. I draw my signature with my finger and hit 'apply'. I then take my tablet back to my desktop, transfer the file from the tablet to my desktop, and open it up to make sure the signature is there. But wait, the signature is not there. When I open the document up in the app on the tablet, the signature displays, but when I transfer the pdf file back to my desktop, the signature is absent.


      Bonus problem:


      All of the fillable fields on the form are still modifiable after the document is signed. That's a big problem. The "getting documents signed electronically through email" option locks all the fields down, which is nice. Is there a way to get the fillable fields locked down after a signature? Do I lock the document first, then sign it? If I lock the document first, will it accept signatures? Remember, I'm talking about using a tablet here - none of that verifiable digital signature mumbo-jumbo.