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    Trying to Append pages from multiple opened PDF's


      I know this seems simple, but I have one hurdle in a process that I cannot overcome with Adobe DC Pro.  We have just switched from another PDF editor so our employees are very use to various procedures.  This switch is proving to add complications to things that were once easy.


      Our goal is to have two or more PDF's opened and combine their pages without creating a new file.   I would like to append the pages of an open PDF file into an existing document and then simply do a save without creating extra files.  Many of the opened PDF's are newly created by using the Adobe PDF Printer and therefore, they have not been saved in any location.   We are trying to avoid saving multiple files.  I am trying to combine those open PDF print jobs into an existing PDF, which is generally opened too.


      Using the Insert File under the Organizing tool seems to be the best option, however, I cannot insert pages from other opened documents.  We can only insert from existing PDF's that are on the computer or network, image from the clipboard, scanner, etc.  If I insert and navigate to the existing file, that puts my existing file into the printed pages, whereas I am trying to get the printed pages into the existing document. 


      Problem using the Combine tool is that it will take all the opened files and create a binder.pdf.  That creates a third file, when all I wanted to do was add the contents of the opened documents to one specific one. 


      Again, I can almost get there but either solution causes me to create more documents than need and/or introduces more procedures to get to our desired outcome.  I've searched and feel the answer isn't want I'm looking for but wanted to ask here.

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          If anyone is interested, the answer is as simple as hoped for.  If both files are opened, you can open the Organizing tool for both.  Highlight the pages you want to move, and drag them into the other file (hovering over the tab of the second file with switch the document).   This allows the combining of two open files without creating the binder.pdf as an additional file.  


          I tried drag and dropping from one to the other, but the only way I found for it to work was to have both in the multi page view of the Organizing Tool.