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    Sunset time lapse: Progressively increase exposure for a range of pictures?


      Is there a way to program Lightroom to increase exposure by a certain amount of units at every X number of pictures?


      I am working on a ~500 pictures time-lapse of the sunset. During the shoot, after every 100~150 pictures or so, I would reduce my shutter speed. As it was a sunset, I needed to do that because light diminished with the passing of time. In total, I reduced shutter speed 3 times for the whole sequence.


      The problem is that because of that the image sequence does not playback smoothly: at every 100 pictures there is a sudden boost in the brightness. This is because all pictures 1 to 100 were taken at, say, 1.8s shutter speed, but pic101 was taken at 2s shutter speed. Hence the sudden boost.


      I figured this could be solved if there was a way to instruct Lightroom to change a specific attribute by a certain amount at every picture. For example, "at every 01 picture, increase exposure by +0,01 for the first 100 pictures". Thus, pic1 would get +0,01, pic2 +0,02, pic3 +0,03... pic100 +1,00. Like that, the whole 100-picture sequence would have its exposure gradually increased, so that, by the end of it, it would be bright enough so as to smoothly match pic101 and its ensuing sequence.


      This can of course be done manually, increasing the exposure of all pictures one by one. But I was wondering if anyone knew how to do it automatically.


      Thanks in advance!