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    Import Graphics in Selection Order, or FileName Order


      Hello everybody


      Im working on windows.

      I have 100 images to place in a document. I select the first one and the shift+click the last one (selecting all files) When I start to place them in Indesign they appear in a random order.

      I have renamed the files multiples times.Tried:

      -Alphabetical Increments A,B,C,D

      -Numeric 1,2,3,4

      -Numeric with 0 in front 01,02,03,04

      -Numeric with two 0 in front 001,002,003,004


      Nothing works. I have been experiencing this problem since for ever but never really tried to solve it. Today I'm super frustrated so I decided to do this the fast way. Now I have wasted +1hour of work trying to figure out how to solve this without doing it manually. Thanks Adobe.


      PD: I need each image to be set "fit content proportionally". I have been reading the forums and apparently there is no way of selecting multiple objects in different pages. Will I have to ctrl+alt+shift+e 100 times? Awesome!