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    Delete keyword from a keyword set

    scott4photos Level 1

      I want to create a new keyword category in my Keyword List entitled "Friends."  Regardless of the many attempts that I have made, the one picture that I want to start this keyword category with always ends up under category WORK, subcategory WEEDS then subcategory Friends in my Keyword List.  I only see this "set" of keywords in the "Keywords & Containing" box in Keyword Tags.  (See snip below...)  If I switch to "Enter Keywords" or any of the other ways to create a new keyword, it allows me to enter "Friends" but it always defaults to "Friends, WEEDS, WORK" in the Keyword List.  I never knowingly set up this "Custom" keyword set. I want to keep keyword categories WORK and WEEDS, but I want "Friends" as a stand alone category in the Keyword List.  How can I do this?  ... Thank you very much!


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          scott4photos Level 1

          I have just tried to add a new category called "Family" and again I find it under WORK then WEEDS.  I hope that this helps to better define whatever it is that I am doing wrong.


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            ManiacJoe Adobe Community Professional

            It might be helpful here to have you give a step by step explanation of what you are doing.

            The "family" example does not have "family" under anything.

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              scott4photos Level 1

              MJoe... Thanks for taking the time to respond. Not sure I understand what you mean "under anything."  Let me be a bit more detailed as you request...


              I am brand new to LR.  I had been a long time user of PSE ending with PSE12. Back on 10/1/16 Dell tech support insisted that I do a computer reset to my PC against my common sense, insisting that I didn't understand, that everything would be "the same as it was before the reset."  Obviously a complete lie but I digress... After the reset, PSE12 went away.  Many, many hours of work later I was able to get PSE12 back, but only current through 1/1/16.  62K photos.  Many thousands of photos since 1/1/16 until 10/1/16 had to be "imported", though I lost all of the tags created between those dates. (Backups to Crashplan and an external hard drive had no tags according to Adobe tech people that I spoke with several times.)


              I purchased LR6.7 stand alone (NO CC) about 10 days ago and struggled to import PSE12 into LR6. Lots of glitches and bugs though I was finally able to import all 62K photos (again with help from Adobe LR techs). I am now in the process of sorting through an additional 60K photos that are on my computer (many my wife and daughter's photos) and adding "keywords" to the photos that are mine (and removing wife and daughter photos from LR). From what I read in LR community posts, only "Keyword" tags are imported into LR, not People, Places or Events. (That seems to be true as no "tags" created in those People, Places or Events Categories are not in LR.)


              Several nights ago I managed to create several new keywords with no apparent problems. (I followed instructions on https://helpx.adobe.com/lightroom/help/keywords.html under "Create keywords.") Last night every keyword that I created ended up under my "WORK" keyword (category?) then under my "WEEDS" sub-keyword (sub category?).  So "Friends" or "Family" keywords showed up as:


                > WEEDS




              Somehow I have created a keyword grouping of WORK, WEEDS that every new keyword that I create ends up under. I want new keywords to be "stand alone," NOT associated under a hierarchy of other keywords.


              Please let me know if this helps or if you want more information. Thank you again!


              Here is a snip of my current LR keyword structure if it helps at all:

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                ManiacJoe Adobe Community Professional

                You may be confusing "keyword sets" with nested keywords.


                A keyword set is just a named group of keywords. The purpose of the group is to allow quick access by showing them in the nine spots above the "keyword list" panel. The keywords in the "set" are otherwise independent of each other.

                The keyword set "recent keywords" is just a system-generated list of the most recent keywords you have used, regardless of what other user-created sets they may be in.


                For a keyword to be nested, you need to go to the keyword list panel an explicitly create sub-keywords under existing keywords. When you do this, you get the drop-down arrow on the left of the upper word, like the "aircraft" and "animals" keywords in your screen shot. When you apply a nested keyword to a photo, the parent-keyword and child-keyword appear in the keyword box as "child < parent". Since "Family" does not have a "<" and other keyword attached to it, the "Family" keyword is not nested.



                In my example, you can see that "alki beach" is nested two deep under "seattle" and "wa".

                Adding "alki beach" as a keyword shows the nesting as "alki beach < seattle" in the "recent" set and the keyword box.

                The exported version is "alki beach, seattle, wa"

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                  scott4photos Level 1

                  ManiacJoe -  Thank you for your explanation above.  I believe that I was indeed confusing "keyword set" with "nested keywords," since as a newbie to LR I do not have all of the LR jargon down as yet. The term "nested keywords" is briefly mentioned in the explanation whose link I mentioned towards the beginning of this thread on 11/23: (I followed instructions on https://helpx.adobe.com/lightroom/help/keywords.html under "Create keywords.")


                  Unfortunately this does nothing to solve the problem that I continue to have. Every new parent keyword that I attempt to create ends up under the parent WORK and child WEEDS. Step-by-step here is what I do to create a new parent keyword:


                  I begin with a "blank" Keyword Tags field as follows:

                  I then type in the word "Family" as an example:


                  I press "enter," The white box turns dark grey and "Family" then immediately nests under WORK and then two deep under WEEDS:

                  Why does this continually occur?  I am trying to create a parent-keyword with Family, yet it continually shows up as a child-keyword under the parent keyword WORK and then the child keyword WEEDS. Attempting to create any new keyword results in the exact same thing happening: The new keyword ALWAYS ends up under the parent WORK and the child WEEDS. It is as though I have some hidden hierarchy set up that only allows new keywords to appear as a nested keyword under WEEDS. (The same thing occurs if I type "Family" in the "Click here to add keywords" box, or if I click the big plus sign to the left of "Keyword List" and type in Family.)


                  How can I create "parent" keywords that are not nested seemingly by default under WORK and WEEDS?  Do I have a "broken" setting somewhere? Have I inadvertently set up a hidden default or other setting? Right now I am stuck and cannot create new keywords which is a critical step in my continuing to use Lightroom.


                  Thank you again for your patience and continued assistance!

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                    ManiacJoe Adobe Community Professional

                    Seems like you previously created "family" under "weeds" -- probably by mistake -- and never moved the child keyword elsewhere. Removing the keyword from the photo does not unnest it.


                    See the dot at the end of "weeds"? Right-click on the "weeds" keyword in the long Keyword List. Uncheck the "put new keywords inside this keyword".


                    Then delete the "family" keyword from the nested list.

                    Add the new version of "family" as an unnested word.

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                      scott4photos Level 1

                      You ARE a lifesaver!  Worked like a charm!  It almost had to be something dumb that I had inadvertently done.  Unchecking the "put new keywords inside this keyword" worked perfectly!  Thank you so much for your time, patience and understanding! Very greatly appreciated.   ...Scott

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                        ManiacJoe Adobe Community Professional

                        Glad I could help!

                        I also learned a few things along the way. :-)