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    tracking matte pan and scan video footage




      Ok so I have seen previous posts regarding the use of tracking mattes in premiere. However I can't believe that it is still not possible to pan and scan (resize a video layer) in version 2017. Considering this is a simple thing in AE and has been since the 1990s what is going on? I can't believe its still a bug and has not been resolved.


      I know you can nest a clip and then resize and position in the subsequence however I am working on a complex split screen edit and would like to edit multiple clips without nesting as creating a complex split screen edit (that has audio sync) with mattes from AE in premiere rather than dynamic link to AE.  Somebody please tell me there is a way to do this.


      I rather suspect it is not possible but willing to be proved wrong.


      PS. I am aware of nesting, and previous solution of using transform effects above track matte does not work now as the user suggested 5 years ago