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    Lightroom changes color


      When I import my raw images in CR2 format into Lightroom from my SD card it loads the images as I  tab through them and once they load they noticably wash out. It is especially noticeable with sunset photography. Also even the small image in the gallery photo selector at the bottom changes.

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          JimHess Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          This is expected behavior. When images are first loaded Lightroom displays the embedded JPEG preview. That preview reflects all of the in-camera settings. But Lightroom builds a preview of the raw image data. Lightroom does not read the in-camera settings. This is because every camera maker designs their raw file format differently. So Adobe has programmed Lightroom to not read those settings. If you find that Lightroom consistently displays your raw data in a way that you always make the same corrections, you can create a preset and apply that preset on import to make those "standard" adjustments. Or, you can make those adjustments on a newly imported image and then save new camera defaults. Then Lightroom will always apply those "standard" adjustments whenever you import new images or reset images that have already been imported.