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    Broken links, crazy text weights

    brushwipe Level 1


      The above is a published unfinished website for which I would dearly welcome help.


      I am hoping somebody will throw me a life line.  I have been working on this site for 3 months. Now my client has given me a deadline of 30th November to finish the job. It is a restaurant and the owner wants people to be able to access her restaurant on a mobile device. Previously she had a fixed width site and was happy but customers complained that they couldn't find it on their phones - unsurprisingly!


      My problems begin each day I open the site I find type matter on a specific breakpoint had altered from the previous day's setting. 14 pt italic had become 18 pt reg. I thought that settings for each breakpoints were supposed to remain set for that breakpoint providing the T on the 4T tool was active?  It wouldn't be so bad but adapting menu copy layout for the individual pages is a painfully slow process. I do appreciate that any change is reflected throughout the site.


      Yesterday the links to all the pages were working but now they do not.  When I set up the Master I tried following Dani Beaumont's excellent tutorial and set a new breakpoint every time there were clashes of elements in the footer and header.  But these conflicted with settings required for the Home page. 


      My choice of breakpoint settings was guesswork but I was anxious that the pages would be visible on a variety of devices.

      Breakpoints were 320 / 375 / 480 / 640 / 760 / 960 and 1080.  I thought such a spread would satisfy all requirements.


      I can email (Hightail) the site file if anyone is interested and will give me an address to which it can be posted.


      Looking forward to your kind assistance and guidance.


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          Pavel Homeriki Adobe Community Professional

          I looked at your site and I think you do not yet have enough experience and understanding of the whole that is responsive design and how it works. The best option for you to catch up to the 30 - th of November - return to a fixed layout and create alt layouts for tablet and phone.

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            brushwipe Level 1

            Thank you for your suggestion. Going back to fixed width would be my last resort and may well be my best route.  However, I have put so much time into this responsive web site that I will hammer on until the weekend.  One of the major problems was the changing font sizes so for the remaining pages I have made them all the same size and it seems to be working.  My link to the menu page is repaired - the export page link wasn't checked. Doh!

            Perhaps the biggest headache are the little chillies.  The method of copying the graphic and switching tool to type allowed me to insert the chillies as type.  But as I progress through the pages there are instances of the chillies breeding like flies - rows of the little red pests have grown where the didn't ought to.

            I will re-publish the site when I have finished laying out all the pages.