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    Magazine design - Text variables for next month...


      Hi there,


      I'm a magazine designer, and I've just moved from a company where we had CMS and the month and year in the folios were automatically updated. I've moved to a smaller company and am hoping I can set up the same system, so we don't have to edit the month every time. I've found the way to create the current month Text Variables>Define>New>Type: Modification date but I'm looking for ways to forward date it by a month.


      The code we used where I used to work was <%+1m><%M> <%Y> which would give us the next month and year.  (i.e.. December 2016)

      (Using CS4 and CMS)


      And now all I can get is the current month with MMMM yyy (ie. November 2016)

      (Using CC and no CMS)


      Is there the capability to achieve this in InDesign alone?


      Any help would be great