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    Help needed! Responsive menu with hamburger, self-closing, pinned, etc.

    sonnenundmondschein Level 1

      Hi there.

      I urgently need a truly responsive menu, self-closing when clicked on anchor links (most important in small screens) , with hamburger that can stay at a place in the browser window. Also it should be possible to create headlines besides normal links.


      Please, if I have missed something, get in touch here.


      Help is most welcome, I am already "banging" my head on the desk ...






      • It is not possible to achieve this with the accordion widget from muse, it does not self-close when anchor-links are clicked
      • I already tried "absolute menu widget" from MuseGain, but at the moment there are code conflicts with "scroll to top + scroll percentage" widgets, which are essential for my responsive (long page) website, pity.
      • I already tried Elegant Mobile Menu V4 from ResponsiveMuse, but the fonts are way to big for German words in smaller screens (German words are often much longer than their English equivalents) and you cannot have headlines, which I would drop eventually
      • The"side bar connect" widget of Muse Themes is almost perfect, but does not self-close when clicked on anchor links either


      What can I do?