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    Text To Speech

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      Copy-pasted from the JavaScript™ for Acrobat® API Reference for Adobe® Acrobat® DC SDK:



      This object is currently a Windows-only feature and requires that the Microsoft Text-to-Speech engine be installed in the

      operating system.

      The TTS object is present on both the Windows and Mac OS platforms (since it is a JavaScript object). However, it is

      disabled on Mac OS.


      This text is the same on the latest PDF version (May 2015) and in the online version of the JavaScript™ for Acrobat® API Reference



      Question 1

      As far as I can test and ear, Text To Speech works fine on Mac OS with both Reader and Acrobat (version 9 to version DC).

      It works fine on Windows too but only with Acrobat, not with Reader (not with mine at least).


      So, where can I find an up to date documentation or any infos about Text To Speech?



      Question 2

      Text To Speech reads correctly any text without accented caracters, but it does nothing if there is at least one accented caracter in the text, without warning nor error message in the Console.


      So, is it an English-only feature or are they any (hidden) settings for other languages?


      Try with (paste in the Console):

      tts.qText("I like Beyonce");



      tts.qText("I like Beyoncé");




      Thank you.