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    Hyphenation exceptions and old files...




      As a result of getting lots of bad breaks in words (like "eve-rybody") I thought it prudent to add a dozen or so of the most common hyphenation errors to the custom dictionary. However, it seems that when I open an older file now, the alternate hyphenation settings have been applied to them, and the text has reflowed. What's worse, this happens without any suggestion that the text has been modified! So how am I meant to reliably preserve the older files as is, without preventing myself from updating the user dictionary moving forward? This isn't great for books that have been indexed, for instance, and there's no easy way to check what's changed – I'd assumed if there was any text reflow at all I'd get the usual "file modified" asterisk on opening the file. That at least should be there. Is there a way to embed certain hyphenation settings to certain documents?


      Thanks, Alex