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    Problem to link some See Also keyword topics

      Some keyword topics refuse to link when linking topics to See Also keywords. Others work fine and I can't determine what the reason is. I once got it to work when I closed RoboHelp 7 and started again, but this doesn't work everytime. I've been using RoboHelp X5 for five years and never got the problem. With RoboHelp 7 this happens often. These particular topics that don't link, however sometimes link with other See Also keywords.
      I would appreciate help/suggestions on how to solve this problem.
      I use a Dell Precision M90 with a 2GB Centrino and 4 GB RAM. I also use RoboHelp 7 for Webhelp.
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          Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          Welcome to our community, GPWriter

          I know you said you were using RoboHelp 7 for WebHelp. Unfortunately, what we don't know is what RoboFlavor you are using. Is it RoboHelp for Word (Where Microsoft Word is your authoring environment) or is it RoboHelp HTML?

          WebHelp is simply an output that may be created from either of these products.

          Cheers... Rick
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            It seems I have the same kind of behavior. I use RoboHelp HTML (7.02.001).
            I tried to add See Also keywords to topics, using the See Also pane. A topic can be added to a See Also keyword. However, when the topic is assigned to another See Also keyword, adding it to a second See Also keyword failed without any error message.
            An alternative is to add a topic to one or more See Also Keywords in the Topic Properties dialog. I have three keywords added to the topic, but the topic is only found in one of the See Also Keywords in the See Also pane.
            Later I found out I have to press the Apply button, before pressing OK, when adding a See Also Keyword to a topic in the Topic Properties dialog.

            This seems as a bug in the See Also pane to me.

            Kind regards,