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    Why can't I see a preview of the shapes I'm creating as I create them? Dragging and dropping also makes the object I'm dragging disappear as I drag it


      This is an odd one. I had to get a new laptop, OSX 10.11.6, and reinstall Acrobat DC. Now when I create any object or text box, as I am sizing the text box there is no preview of the object I am trying to size - I have to guess and then keep retrying until I get the correct size.


      This also happens when I try to move objects in Acrobat DC, say I have a text box that I'd like to drag over an area on the PDF - as soon as I start to drag the text box will disappear from view and then reappear when I finish dragging. Impossible to use accurately.


      I've cleared the Acrobat settings plist and gone through every possible setting but the default Acrobat Reader DC doesn't have this issue and I certainly didn't have this issue in my last installation of Acrobat DC.


      Uninstalling and reinstalling also didn't fix the problem. Need help! It's enough to stop me from using Acrobat.


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