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    Looking for computer hardware recommendations


      I am looking to build a new computer due to my current one having a myriad of different issues, and secondly because I want to upgrade my overall computing power to allow for faster rendering than I am currently capable of. I plan to build this from scratch; from casing to processor. Most of my work is done in After effects, but there are several programs I will be using. Any recommendations of parts or what to look for would be appreciated. The following is the general intended use of the computer:


      Programs I will be working with:

      Photoshop, illustrator, After effects, Premiere pro, Nuke, Maya, Zbrush, Particle programs (like Blender, Popcorn FX, ect.), and Audition (or an equivalent audio mixer).

      Primary uses for the computer:

      Editing, Rendering, particle simulation, 3D modeling/ 2D asset creation, audio mixing, gaming


      Rough Maximum Budget: $1,500


      Feel free to ask for any additional information if it will help with suggestions.


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