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    Indesign text import – more efficient way

    floydpeter214 Level 1


      iam trying to figure out a faster way to do one task we sometimes get at work. Basically we receive a text like this:



      Company name


      Client name










      Lorem ipsum text around 200 characters.





      Each of those paragraphs have to start at specified spot and be properly formatted. What i do is setup a table with formatted cells and then just select it all and paste in the text from excel table. But i still have to massage it a little bit after that – for example it wont import hard returns from excel file which messes up some of my styles and of course the aforementioned 200 character text have to be imported separately.


      Is there some better/more efficient way to do this? And is there a way to import hard returns when copying from excel?


      Thank you very much


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          tpk1982 Level 4



          Try Data Merge option

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            vinny38 Level 5


            In addition of tpk1982's advice, I must say that Excel hard returns are usually (always...) messing up Data Merge.

            As I often use Data Merge, I always run a macro that get rids of them in my Excel file.


            Here it is, you might find it helpful:



            Sub KillHardReturns()


                Dim MyRange As Range

                Application.ScreenUpdating = False

                Application.Calculation = xlCalculationManual


                For Each MyRange In ActiveSheet.UsedRange

                    If 0 < InStr(MyRange, Chr(10)) Then

                        MyRange = Replace(MyRange, Chr(10), "")

                    End If



                Application.ScreenUpdating = True

                Application.Calculation = xlCalculationAutomatic

            End Sub