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    Adobe Presenter Publishing Error


      I have Adobe Presenter 10 and PowerPoint 13.


      Recently I cannot publish my presentations.  No error message is given.  I did a simple test with one slide and I get the same error. I get the logo spinning and spinning.




      I did some investigation and my output folder:


      data/resources/ha - i only have a few .png files.


      I am missing the rest of the resources files I had with my previous publications.


      Please Help.





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          AJIT_M Adobe Employee

          Hi There,


          Could you please confirm whether you are generating SWF or HTML5 output? You may try to recreate the preferences of Presenter 10 by following the below steps and see if that makes any difference-


          1. Open Registry editor by typing regedit in the run command.
          2. Go to H Key Current User > Software > Adobe and expand Adobe Presenter folder.
          3. Rename '10.0' to '10.0_old' by right click on it and select rename.
          4. Now close Registry editor and launch PowerPoint in administrative mode.
          5. Create a blank/new presentation and generate the output and see if that works.


          Let me know how it goes.