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    Merging Project Files?


      Can I merge tracks from one project into another project?  Without having to render it out and re-import it, which would degrade the quality.  I Haven't found an answer in the manual.  This is easy in Sony Vegas, but I'm new to Premier Elements.  This should be a rather-common function for working, in segments, on a larger project.  I need help on this ASAP.  tx .

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          As I told you on the Muvipix forum, this is not a feature of Premiere Elements.


          However, if you download Clip Mate, an extension to your copy clipboard, you can cut or copy a sequence from one project to another.

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            whsprague Adobe Community Professional

            geronimo151 wrote:


            ..... This should be a rather-common function for working, in segments, on a larger project. I need help on this ASAP. tx .

            Sony Vegas is no longer a Sony product.  Vegas was considered "pro" and cost three to four times what Premier Elements cost.  Vegas is now owned by a German company called Magix.  They have their own consumer level editor called "Magix Movie Edit".  They have updated Vegas Pro to a new version.  They have not updated the consumer Movie Studio.


            The Adobe product for "pros" is "Premier CC 2017" it will edit in "segments".


            Other area of significant difference with pro products are color grading, audio track syncing, tying into special effects software and multi camera editing.    Premier Elements is extremely good for people wanting to make excellent videos from consumer cameras that are not interested in those complex features.