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    Upgrade from LR5.7


      I have LR 5.7, which does not support Canon 80D raw files. Can I get an upgrade or will I have to purchase the atest (?) version? If I do, will the settings in LR 5.7 be lost?



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          John Waller Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Cameras supported by Camera Raw


          The 80D was first supported in Lightroom 6.5. There is no further update for Lightroom 5.7 so you'll never be able to open those Raw files in version 5.7.


          You have a few options:

          1. Paid upgrade to Lightroom 6 (then a free update to 6.7 which includes support for the 80D), or
          2. Subscribe to the Cloud Photography Plan and have the latest version of Lightroom at all times, or
          3. Download the free Adobe DNG converter, batch convert all 80D Raw files to DNG format then edit the DNG files in Lightroom 5.7. An extra step for you but no extra cost.
            Digital Negative (DNG), Adobe DNG Converter | Adobe Photoshop CC
            Camera Raw: How to use Adobe DNG Converter - YouTube


          Which particular settings in your version 5.7 are you referring to?

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            ssprengel Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            LR 6/LR CC is a pay-for upgrade from LR 5, yes, and settings should upgrade as will the catalog, although you may need to re-install plug-ins.   The current version of LR is LR 6.7 or LR CC 2015.7.  No one can say when or if LR 7 will be released, so we don’t know how many more versions of LR 6/LR CC 2015 there’ll be, until the next pay-for upgrade, and maybe there’ll only be a LR CC and no LR 7, it’s hard to know what Adobe’s internal thoughts are.


            If you feel you want to upgrade from LR 5.7, then what you might to trial LR 6/LR CC 2015 to see if thigns work ok on your computer, before you spend any money.  The initial install is LR 6.0/LR CC 2015.0 so you will also want to update that to LR 6.7/LR CC 2015.7.   If that update doesn’t happen automatically, via Help / Updates, then you can download the installers from here.  You only need to install the .0 version then the .7 version, not all the intermediate patches: