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    Syncing problems


      I bought an ebook that needs to be opened with ADE.


      The book works fine on my computer, but it won't sync with my phone. It can't find the book that I'm using on the computer and I need it to sync rather than having two versions of the book.



      - I have a Mac

      - On my computer it is connected to my email account

      - On my Iphone it is connected to the same email account

      - The toggle to sync is on.

      - On my online account it says that there are no devices connected to my email

      - There are no error messages

      - The programme on the devices work fine independently.


      Please advise! I contacted Adobe Chat services and they said they were unable to help me, so I'm reaching out here now.


      Alternatively, if anybody can tell me how I can open the ebook (DRM though) on Ibooks that is alternatively appreciated.