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    First run with Catalyst

      First off let me say that I can see where Catalyst is going and I'm anxiously awaiting the coming releases. In most cases it's just to painful to use where it stands today. This app has all the potential in the world to be a game changer, which I hope it becomes, but it's tough to even test it in it's current state of development.

      That said, here the high level play-by-play of my first attempt to import an Illustrator file into Catalyst and manipulate that file.

      .Imported Illustrator UI doc with 9 layers (Took roughly 15min to import and create MXML)

      .Once imported, the images were not aligned with the art board (my fault on that one). That said, the images/image groups were incredibly slow to respond when attempting to select and align to the desired position on the canvas. Each click on a single image or trying to select a layer in the layers panel caused a 30-60sec delay while the app was digesting my selection for additional actions. Therefore, it was quite easy to pile up the delays into the app "not responding" and requiring reboot

      .text elements were not maintained as a sentence, they were broken into arbitrary text segments

      .Attempt to add text via text tool. once I figured out that you had to actually input the desired text in the text dialog box rather than displaying the text directly on the canvas, the text was not on top of the visible layer. It was buried deep in another layer.

      .Selecting an element on the canvas does not clearly target that element in the layers panel, presenting a challenge to find objects.

      .Dragging a text element (created in FC) to a different layer locks up the app for over a minute

      .Text highlighting in the input fields (XY coordinates, text entry, etc.) is too dark. you can hardly see what you're selecting with the black on transparent black contrast