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    How to strikeout a block of text.


      Hi, I am a total newbie to Adobe Java (I am a vb programmer) and I am trying to apply strikeout to a block of text.

      My possible options are :-

      1. Add a checkbox or radio button to the left of each block of text. When a box is ticked then all the other options need to have the strikeout applied to the associated text. As the text is not in a textbox I tried adding a line, made of underscores, to a rich textbox and tried to make the mouseup event on the checkbox make the rich textbox visible. I get an error on line 1. Invalid something.


      2.Another idea was to duplicate the text in a rich textbox with strikeout true and making the textbox visible. Same problem.


      I think I am missing something either in the setup or the terminology.


      Any help would be greatly appreciated.


      Another alternative is if I can be pointed to a beginners set of tutorials. I am not having any luck finding some.


      Many thanks,



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          JR_Boulay Adobe Community Professional



          Create a (empty, readonly, no fillcolor) text field with stroke properties settled to "underlined" and name it "strikeout".

          Then use right-clic : Create multiple copy to get several fields with a consistent naming (.0, .1, .2, etc.).


          Now you just have to show/hide all these "lines" with this JavaScript:


          this.getField("strikeout").display = display.visible;


          this.getField("strikeout").display = display.hidden;




          Adobe Java

          As a programmer you should know that Java is not Adobe and is not JavaScript.




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            Test Screen Name Most Valuable Participant

            I agree, terminology. As long as you look for information on Java you won't find anything useful.

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              grayn31999337 Level 1


              Thanks for the reply. That is almost identical to what I was using (I was using an string of Underscore instead of the Stroke Property Underlined - which I cannot find) but I still get the following error.


              Javascript code in Check Box2 MouseUp event




              Error received


                        Exception in line 1 of function top_level, script Field:Mouse Up


              To me it sounds like there is some setting I have not set.


              Thanks for your help.


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                try67 MVP & Adobe Community Professional

                JS is case-sensitive. The name of the function you're trying to use is getField, not getfield ...

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                  grayn31999337 Level 1

                  Thanks try67. Although JR_Boulay did give the correct answer I already have tried that code. Being a VB programmer I was not aware that commands were case sensitive.

                  So thank you to both of you.

                  In future I will paste my code for scrutiny.