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    Premiere imports AE compositions selectively


      Dear all,


      I'm encountering 2 problems regarding the the way Premiere sees and imports AE compositions.


      I am working on 8 short films (40 sec to 6 min) in Premiere. I would like to create titles for my films in AE. No animation, just different colors and sizes.


      1. PROBLEM:


           When I want to import this AE titles in Premiere, i can only see and import the compositions which have the "template" turned on in the Composition's Settings. Otherwise Premiere won't see the composition.

           For testing I created a composition with a simple color-background and some shapes, no titles : Premiere won't see it.

           If I import the composition with the "template" turned on in Premiere, and then turn off the "template" option, Premiere will continue see the AE composition and the changes in it will be updated.

           I've never had problems before importing any type of composition from AE to Premiere!


      2. PROBLEM


           The AE compositions which are eventually seen by Premiere slow down the computer incredibly. Any pixel-change I make in the AE composition to 1 title brings up a red line over the WHOLE Premire timeline. If I render it, it can ask for 1 hour for rendering a 30 sec segment! If, while Premiere is rendering, I turn back to AE and play-back the composition, and then turn back to Premiere, the rendering is finishing within minutes.


      I can't understand what is happening. I am loosing so much time !





      I am working on an :


      Mac Pro 5.1 2010, Westmere 3.33 GHz 6 Core with 16 G RAM

      El Captain Mac OSX 11


      Premiere pro: 2015.4 build: 10.4.0 ”30”

      After effects: 2015.3 Version:


      Videofiles: Cannon c300 Mark II , mxf xf-avc

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          silvias42743706 Level 1

          If it helps anyone : I have upgraded to CC 2017 and at least the first problem seems to be gone.


          For longer compositions (of 6 min max) i still have to in parallel playback the comp in AE for the render in Premier to work!


          As a bonus, another problem appeared: the dynamik link between the 2 programs is working selectively: one layer is shown, another one not, some changes are immediatly updated, other ones only after i restart Premiere.