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    The perfect machine?


      Hi Everyone,


      I've been working with Aftereffects on Apple machines for about 16 years now and, I'm still in love with that combination of tools. But, I have been running into performance issues in with the past few upgrades,  so since I've spent the better part of two decades specialising in that particular application I would like to know, in your expert opinion what machine features are the biggest contributing factors when it comes to the overall performance of the app?


      P.s. Please no mac versus pc crap, I'm a devote Apple user and I'm to old to change my workflow at this point.


      Much Love,


      Ingi Atlas

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          There is no single factor. If you use lots of footage file I/O matters, if you use lots of effects processing power is key. If you create detailed keyframed animations, things like mouse interaction and comp previews matter, if you only do color corrections, other things come into play. Beyond the old "AE likes lots of RAM" there's realyl not much to say and in spite of your comment I can't hold myself back: Yes, Apple not caring to produce really powerful Macs anymore is to quite some extent part of the problem, as well. Even if we were able to tell you some specific things, you probably wouldn't be able to buy that perfect Mac...



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            i_atlason Level 1

            Right, thanks for nothing ...