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    Problem relinking content from "master" documents

    Avero Creative


      We have one "Master" pages document for all the text found in our assembly manuals. 

      From there we use the Content Collector tool to copy then paste content into the various manuals. This way when we edit the text/ picture. It's changed in all manuals all at once. In the "Master" pages document we also have versions of specific text laying on different pages next to each other. One page per version. One page per language.


      However, if we insert a new page in the middle of the document ( instead of after the very last page) the links in ALL connected manuals changes because they are linked, first to the page NUMBER, then to the content on that page in the "Master" Page document. New pages means page number change below that new page.


      The problem is when more versions/languages need to be added, page nr will change and the "Parenting" work with all previous manuals will be lost.

      The only way would be to add everything to the end of the document. Then variations of one page is spread out between pages 10,11,56 and 213  instead of 10,11,12 and 13. I hope this makes sense. 


      Is there a way around it or should we just use Incopy maybe. ( never worked with that program)Screen Shot 2016-11-24 at 11.59.59.png