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    Integrating order process with external license server

    Dmytro Medvedyev Level 1



      I'm developing website on Business Catalyst platform, and have a specific question related to the integration with external web service.


      Basically I need to issue a license key for the software product when customer orders it from the website. The license keys are handled by third-party service which provides SOAP API.

      I wonder if it's possible to execute a web-service call from BC web site.


      I found API integration section on Admin console with three fields, one of them sounds like it should do the job: "Enter URL of your application to notify for new Purchases"

      However I could not find any further information of how to make it work - any guidance or example will be much appreciated.


      Related question, if I wanted to issue a trial license key upon product downloading, would it be possible to call a web service when user submits a web form?