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    Masking transparency


      I'm currently trying to create an animation showing the interactions on an app I am designing, In short I want to create the effect of a GPS map moving on an iphone screen, I have two layers from photoshop one being the phone screen with the interface and transparent area for the map and the other being the full map image that will be scrolled through. I've placed the map image behind the Phone/interface on After Effects and now want to hide parts of the image that I don't want on show until they appear on the phone screen, the idea being then I will just drag the full map image creating the illusion that it is being scrolled on the phone screen. I've tried using the mask tool but it leave me with a solid background outside of the phone this doesn't work for me as when I've finished with the animation I need to pull it over to Premier Pro with a transparent background because another clip is going to be played behind it.


      Any suggestions !?



      (This is the closest I can get it to by using a white solid and then masking it but I need the background to be transparent).