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    please help a novice with workflow setup!


      Hi all,


      I'm new to CC and in the process of setting up my small team at a charity with it as I think it will revolutionise how we work. I've done lots of research but am struggling to work out quite the right solution for our workflow set up and am hoping you can help.


      At the moment we store our photos on smugmug and download them each and every time we use them to produce documents in powerpoint, which we then share on a local server. We work on PCs.


      We're now moving to CC and a cloud based server (365 Sharepoint) and I want to set us up as efficiently as possible to store, edit (in Lightroom or Photoshop) and place photos into InDesign, and to then save that work all in shared spaces, without breaking links to photos (we have Creative Cloud, though individual licences not a team one, as well as Sharepoint).


      I have downloaded Lightroom and installed the smugmug plug in, but am struggling to find much info on where to go from here to get everything talking to each other.


      Any help would be amazing!