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    GPU Preview - Indesign CC 2017 - Bug?

    Addy20102 Level 1

      Hi all,


      I have an issues when creating new documents in Indesign CC 2017 they are not GPU previewed.


      All settings are on.


      I only get a GPU previewed document after already having a document open or i create a second document.  It's like any first document is opening on the CPU and everyone after is GPU.


      I've noticed this is only happening when Indesign CC 2017 is running in "Application Bar" mode


      If i run in "Application Frame" mode every document i open or create is previewed on the GPU.


      Is this a bug.  Has anyone else noticed this problem?


      Any workaround would be appreciated.



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          ShaneH Level 1

          Same problem here in InDesign 2017 running on a fairly new iMac. I have to quit InDesign and relaunch to remedy the problem. In my case, application frame does not seem to have anything to do with it. I don't like the Application Frame, but the problem occurs whether it's on or off.

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            fernanditron Level 1

            I too can reproduce this.


            GPU Preview is enabled when opening any previously saved documents. New documents do not get a GPU Preview. If I start a new document, save it, close it, then reopen that same blank document, it gets the GPU Preview identifier in the title bar allowing animated zoom to work.

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              fernanditron Level 1

              You know what would be super cool?? If this can get fixed. Easily one of the most annoying things I deal with on a DAILY basis. Bug submitted. Complaints made. It's been 2 months and I simply LOVE starting a new document, saving, closing, and having to open it up again for it to work correctly. Every. Time. The best part is when I'm on a roll and I forget InDesign is BROKEN and I hit try to zoom in all super quick and dope like but it just zooms in once.


              Here, maybe this can get this problem expedited:


              FOUR ANGRY FACES, not 2 or 3, but 4! FIX THIS, ADOBE. Jesus H. already....

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                ShaneH Level 1

                I am noticing this issue as well. I am at the point where I'm afraid to update any of the Adobe software because they always seem to introduce a new bug or somehow reintroduce an old bug. I have a new Mac with lots of memory, so I'm sure the machine is beefy enough. I enjoy the GPU performance and live zoom. But it wavers in and out for no apparent reason, and with no consistency in the way it happens. Also, images that are high-resolution randomly appear as low-res previews, even when Display Performance is set to high. Another thing that infuriates me to no end is that InDesign seems to read imported photos over and over again, even when they should have been long cached. I can see the progress bar at the bottom of the window re-accessing photos that are already in the layout... and I can't click on anything or do anything until it's done doing its unnecessary processing of these images. UGH!

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                  ShaneH Level 1

                  InDesign still randomly drops GPU performance/preview (including the scrubby zoom feature I love). It's random and the only solution is to quit and relaunch the program. Surprised this is still happening more than a year after it was first reported.


                  Using the latest InDesign on an iMac with these specs:

                    Model Name:    iMac

                    Model Identifier:    iMac15,1

                    Processor Name:    Intel Core i7

                    Processor Speed:    4 GHz

                    Number of Processors:    1

                    Total Number of Cores:    4

                    L2 Cache (per Core):    256 KB

                    L3 Cache:    8 MB

                    Memory:    32 GB

                    Boot ROM Version:    IM151.0211.B00

                    SMC Version (system):    2.23f11

                    Serial Number (system):    D25Q605NFY14

                    Hardware UUID:    DCDF04F3-F75F-56E2-A46F-C1596262CF1D