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    New Update Full of many issues for tablet annotators


      I use this app for annotating university lecture power points that were converted to pdfs with a stylus on a Samsung TABLET.


      The recent update has 3 issues that I would hope you could change.


      1. The drawing line needs a more fine option that the previous version had.



      In the previous version of the app, there was more variety in the thickness of the drawing function. Because I use a stylus to write my notes using this function, I always chose the finest thickness in order to maximize the amount of space used. With the new app update, I can no longer fit everything my instructor writes on his slide or it is very hard to read.


      I think the previous version of the app had a 0.5 thickness whereas this only has 1.0 thickness. If you could restore the previous minimum thickness that would be great.


      2. The colour white has been eliminated,


      My profs sometimes post black slides and white is the optimal colour to use, if you could bring it back, that would be great.



      3. Pop ups


      Last but not least when I try to add another handwritten drawing annotation that is in close proximity to a previous handwritten drawing, IE(drawing multiple Lines on a graph) the comment log screen that pops up every time, this slows my note taking abillity limiting my abillity to take notes .




      If you could please address these issues in the update and change them, that would be great! Your product is necessary for me to use when taking notes!




      Someone who needs this app to take notes