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    Adobe Stock rip off


      I have Adobe Stock subscription for 10 images a month. Clicked on an image and selected small and got charged $299 for a picture of a glass of milk. No real warning I would be charged. Contacted support and had the following chart session. Totally unacceptable. You have credits you expect these to be used not a charge on a credit card for $299. Not happy at all. No refund and tough luck it seems.


      Chat transcript.


      Lavanya: Hello! Welcome to Adobe Customer Service.
      Colin : Hi
      Lavanya: Hi Colin .
      Lavanya: I am reviewing your issue. Please stay online and do not close the chat window or browser in order to ensure our chat session connectivity .
      Lavanya: I understand that you want to cancel the image you purchased now .
      Colin : Yes thanks as I was not expecting to be charged for it, I only download images as part of the credits allowed.
      Lavanya: Thank you for confirming .
      Lavanya: I will be glad to check and  help you today.
      Colin : Thanks
      Lavanya: I need to check your subscription details , will it be okay if I  place you on hold for 2-3 minutes .
      Colin : ok
      Lavanya: Thank you for your patience.
      Lavanya: I am sorry to inform you that we will be unable to initiate refund .
      Colin : Can ask why. The system did not warn me that a charge would be made in addition to my credits.
      Lavanya: I am really sorry I have checked and see that you have been placed order for Adobe Stock – On demand hence you have been charged 299.99 AUD .
      Colin : I think you need to look at how your system works. someone who is downloading for the credits provided would reasonably not expect to pay $299 for an image.
      Lavanya: i am really sorry as per Adobe terms and condition once the image is purchased refund will not be initiated
      Colin : While we were chatting I just setup a Graphicstock account. I'm sorry but that is poor service and the system seems to be setup to trap people.
      Lavanya: I truly understand your concern, I wish I could help you with the issue.
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          Brad Lawryk Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Not sure what you mean by selected 'small'? All images only come in one size.


          Regardless, to prevent this, in your search tools select only the '$' from the options. If you leave them all unchecked you will get all images in your search. Not very user friendly I agree. But that will at least prevent that mistake again.


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