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    Disable magnetic border on RH 2015

    Benjamin H

      I'm using RH 2015 build on Windows 10.


      The main window of the RH HTML main window seems to have a "magnetic" border, attracting the mouse cursor when the mouse is close to it.  This creates problems for me when I'm authoring on a laptop with limited screen space.  With several apps running along with RH, I'm often moving from one app to another as I capture screens, edit images, and edit in RH.  With the magnetic border of the RH main window, it becomes difficult to put my mouse where I want it - outside of RH but near it's border.


      Is there any way to turn this magnetic border off?


      If not, I'd advocate strongly for it to be defeated in the next version.  It hinders my workflow more often then it helps.


      Thanks for comments,