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    Sony A99 Mark II / ILCA-99M2 ARW file supported yet?

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      I have a/the new Sony A99 Mark II/ ILCA-99M2 as well as a the now older Sonay A7R Mark II.  Lightroom CC does not read or is not able to import the A99 MARK II .ARW (RAW) files.  Is this new camera being supported by Lightroom yet?


      I've tried troubleshooting by importing either the compressed or uncompressed A99 MARK II .ARW files and Lightroom cannot preview nor import the files. 


      Importing from my A7RII works fine.


      Anybody having issues with this and know solutions?  As of this writing, the Sony A99 II/Mark II is not officially listed the Adobe list of supported cameras yet.


      Would appreciate any help.