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    Big problems importing a clip




      So I used A Z screen recorder for android in order to video an app.


      I watch my clip which is a .mp4 and everything is perfect.


      When I then import it into after effects and find the audio is out and not aligned with what's going on. The video freezes at some points and the audio continues.


      So I tried doing this without audio. And the result was better,  but now I see certain parts in the clip go through at 50x the speed. Then it goes back to normal speed. Then it will speed up again or lag.


      - I've tried converting the clip to a .mov using the adobe encoder

      - I've tried doing this on premier pro and it still does not work.


      This is the file: Dropbox - wbw.mp4


      Any help would be greatly appreciated i've been stuck on this for 2 days!