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    Please give constructive advice.  New system


      My system crashed.  My video has been 1080p. 


      i7 6700k processor

      Corsair LPX 32GB DDR4

      Asus Z170-A

      MSN GeForce GTX 1070 8 GB GDDR5

      Samsung 950 Pro SSD 512GB?

      Microsoft 10 64 Bit Home


      I am concerned about not upgrading to a faster chip.  I am also wondering which RAM to get.


      Please also give me advice as to the SSD drive.


      My system is rarely used for video editing.  I was going on scuba diving vacations and doing dive videos.  My current system is 1080 p.  I am concerned that someday I may want to step up to 4k.


      Please give me advice.