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    Lego text reveal (Intro)


      Dear after effect users,


      I've searched the whole internet for an answer on my question, without success. Does anyone know a method or special effect to let a name appear with lego blocks. The name has to get build by the Lego and I pref 3D (should be around 10 seconds).

      If anyone can help me just leave a comment.



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          Roei Tzoref Adobe Community Professional

          do you have a reference for how you want it to look? Ae's 3d capabilities are very limited. without having a references it's hard to give you any useful advice. we need to see your expectations first because by the way you phrased your question it looks like you are looking for a click-and-go solution. if that's what you want, then maybe Videohive has a template for you to chose from for all sorts of reveals. what I am saying is this may require knowledge in above basic level so be prepared for anything

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            SlenderMan192 Level 1

            hahaha sur man I'm always willing to learn if it comes to this! But I was thinking about a name that comes in with lego blocks. 1 lego block after the other one flying from all different directions. So it accualy creates a name over time.

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              Roei Tzoref Adobe Community Professional

              if the lego's are 2d then just create your name from different lego blocks in illustrator and later in Ae key frame them out of the frame one by one and then reverse the animation. it really depends how this looks. are these 10 lego blocks? 1000? you should at least sketch your idea so you will know what to look for.

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