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    shockwave installation problems

      I am having difficulty installing shocwave on one of our computers.

      The computer did have the latest version of shockwave installed, but I then uninstalled it from the computer so I could test the installation pages I had created for a shockwave project.

      Now when I go to a webpage with shockwave on it, the installation process starts, and the shockwave installation progress bar gets all the way to the right hand side of the screen, but the installation never seems to complete.

      Shockwave does not appear in add/remove programme in the control panel, so i downloaded the shockwave uninstaller from the Adobe site, and this appears to remove it.... but the same thing happens again.

      I searched the forums, and some people seem to have used a stand alone installer... does anyone know where I can find this? Or does anyone have any other things I could try.

      I have already tried the steps in http://www.adobe.com/go/kb403264 with no luck.

      here's hoping!